Six Sigma Sustainability

Our efforts to achieve operational excellence in all of our facilities include a strong focus on maximizing sustainable opportunities. A few of the many Six Sigma projects undertaken throughout the Enthone global organization are outlined below.

Reduction of Plastic Packaging

  • Objective: Reduce shipping costs by 20%, while being conscientious stewards of the environment.
  • Six Sigma Project: The Enthone Langenfeld, Germany operation wished to reduce the return costs of chemical packaging while reducing environmental impact.
  • Results: Using Six Sigma tools, a 20% reduction in plastic packaging was achieved that has reduced transport and disposal costs while providing environmental benefits.

Reduce Cycle Time for Nickel Plated Products

  • Objective: A U.S. industrial finishing customer receives approximately 150 jobs per day that vary greatly in quantity and complexity. Completing these jobs in a timely and efficient manner is a challenge to this Enthone customer. The objective was to reduce cycle time average from 8.34 days to 6.26 days, a 25% improvement, on the most complicated product line.
  • Six Sigma Project: A week long Lean Kaizen workshop was conducted with this customer. Current and Future State Value Stream Maps were generated, with 20 projects identified and prioritized.
  • Results: To date, the customer team, supported by Enthone Black Belts, has completed 5 of the projects with all the remaining projects in progress. This project will result in increased share of the customer’s business.

Reduction in Energy Usage

  • Objective: Reduce gas consumption and decrease waste generation, while providing eco-friendly results.
  • Six Sigma Project: Enthone Illinois, USA facility wished to optimize batch sizes based on customer ordering frequency, inventory carrying costs, and replenishment costs.
  • Results: Using Six Sigma tools, the project resulted in a significant annual cost savings, primarily by consolidating into larger batches being manufactured. This has resulted in less waste treatment and has resulted in a 10% reduction in energy usage. The project is being replicated at other Enthone manufacturing sites.

Reduce Product Technical Transfer Time at Enthone Brazil

  • Objective: Transfer of an Enthone product manufactured at one global facility to another includes environmental, marketing, manufacturing and purchasing review and analysis. The objective of this project was to reduce technical transfer time to Enthone Brazil by 25%.
  • Six Sigma Project: Used Lean and statistical techniques to identify where the process was being delayed and to implement improvements to reduce this time. Data analysis and value stream mapping were undertaken.
  • Results: Average time for a product transfer has been reduced from 154 days to 84 days, enabling reduced time to market and accelerated profitability.