Enthone Operations Excellence



Commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment.

Enthone recognizes that its operations impact a wide community of stakeholders, including investors, employees, customers, business associates and local communities. Therefore, the company has a wide range of initiatives to support health, safety and environmental activities.  The activities include advanced manufacturing facilities, design to international standards, a high level of training for chemical operators, and segregation of raw materials and finished goods.  The waste water treatment and pollution abatement equipment meets or exceeds compliance requirements.


  • State-of-the-art waste water treatment system and high efficiency air scrubbing equipment meet or exceed environmental requirements for compliance. Highly automated equipment segregates waste streams to ensure full compliance (100% testing prior to discharge). Ventilation is specially designed to ensure no exposure to chemical mixing operations Recycle activities are undertaken to minimize material consumption.
  • Water Conservation Program - West Haven, Connecticut USA: In 2015, Enthone is targeting a 3% normalized water reduction from the prior year, while also meeting the objectives of ISO 14001 for waste.
  • World class safety performance and environmental management systems: OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certified facilities embrace continuous improvement and sharing of best practices. Process improvement programs are continually undertaken to further reduce risk to employees and the general environment.
  • Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality Training: A high level of training is provided to all employees. Those involved in manufacturing operations are allowed to undertake work only after the required training is provided and fully comprehended. Additionally, internal and customer audits are initiated on a routine basis to validate compliance. Employee incentive programs are based on safety performance. All procedures are fully documented.
  • Unsurpassed Manufacturing Standards: We pride ourselves on being the industry standard for high technology manufacturing and clean room facilities. Our manufacturing standards start with energy efficient equipment to tangibly reinforce and demonstrate our company’s continuous improvement mindset, as well as to reduce the consumption of energy. A predictive maintenance program enables consistent performance throughout all equipment operations. Process tanks have spill contaminant design, along with safety interlocks to minimize all operational potential issues. Production floors are coated with chemical resistant sealants to eliminate any chemical exposure. Raw material and finished goods segregation is designed to enhance material flow and efficiency.  Additionally, life safety systems are designed into the facility, such as fire extinguishers and double line sumps to minimize any exposure to the community or employees. Clean manufacturing sites utilize the best industry practices to meet world class customer standards. Finally, supplier management is undertaken to ensure precision in manufacturing processes.
  • Quality Systems: Enthone has adopted a global approach to the management of its worldwide quality systems. A commitment to operational excellence throughout the business assures that Enthone products and services are of the highest quality. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, all Enthone plants are ISO 9001 certified.  Frequent audits are conducted to ensure compliance to standards is maintained.