Green Technology Solutions

 Environment. Productivity. Value.

Our commitment to being a leading and preferred supplier of high performance specialty chemicals includes developing technologies that are socially responsible and eco-friendly.

At Enthone, we collaborate with our customers, technology partners, and the world’s leading manufacturers to ensure that our green technologies create value by meeting current and future performance, productivity, design, profitability, safety, and regulatory requirements.

A sampling of our robust portfolio of environmentally sound technologies is provided below.

  Printed Circuit Board Fabrication & Assembly   ENTHONE® PCB Lead-free Final Finishes
      ENVISION® Direct Metallization Systems Eliminates Electroless Copper

Connectors & Leadframes

  AUTRONEX® ICC-7  Gold Process Reduces Water and Energy Consumption
      PALLADEX® PdNiM2 HS Palladium Nickel Process Reduces Water Usage and Extends Bath Life
  Wafer Level Packaging   MICROFAB® Bump Wafer Processes Address Environmental, Health and Safety Requirements

HELIOFAB® Electroplating Chemistries Deliver the Lowest Cost Per Watt

Wear & Corrosion Protection

Electroless Nickel Processes

   ENfinity® Lead-free, Cadmium-free Processes
  Zinc and Zinc Alloy Systems    Perma SHIELD™ ELV Compliant Automotive Systems
  Zinc Processes    ENTHOBRITE® CLZ-970 Water-Soluble Acid Zinc  Process
  Passivates    PERMA PASS® 3300 Cobalt-free, Trivalent Passivate
  Decorative Chrome Processes    TRILYTE® Dusk, Dark Trivalent Chrome Process
  Chrome Mist Suppressants    ENTHONE® PFOS-free Solutions
  Jewelry    ECOFORM™ Cadmium-free Electroforming Process