Quality Policy

To maintain our position as a technology leader across targeted market segments, employees are aggressively committed to quality and the accelerated delivery of products, processes and services that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. The following practices are key to this strategy:

  • Adhering to and continually improving quality systems for managing design and operational activities
  • Utilizing management systems that comply with globally standardized processes and methodologies for “copy equivalent” performance
  • Partnering with our suppliers to improve material and service quality, as well as to jointly reduce cost
  • Conducting Measurement System Analysis (MSA) on a regular basis to validate accuracy and precision
  • Constantly improving manufacturing processes to reduce product variability
  • Accelerating many aspects of our business with a clear focus on Creating Customer Value, New Product and Technology Development, Operational Execution, People Development, and Penetrating New Growth Markets
  • Promoting a culture of sustainability, including reducing waste and energy consumption
By successful execution of this policy, we will continuously improve our performance to maintain Best-in-Class customer satisfaction.