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ENfinity® SteadyStateTM

Continuous, Automatic Operating System for ENfinity Electroless Nickel

ENfinity® SteadyStateTM is a continuous, automatic operating system that provides a simplified, cost-effective alternative to expensive electrodialysis (ED) equipment and conventional, high waste “bleed and feed” operation.

Engineered for exclusive use with Enthone's patented ENfinity electroless nickel processes, ENfinity SteadyState delivers consistent process-operating conditions. The system improves process performance and reduces operating cost by eliminating solution make-ups, minimizing down time for passivation of plating tanks, and substantially reducing waste disposal for spent operating solutions.

The ENfinity SteadyState operating system further enhances the consistent deposit properties and extended operating life achieved with ENfinity electroless nickel processes by offering automatic process control with an infinite operating solution life.

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