MacDermid Enthone Automotive Summit Draws Record Attendance

Suzhou, China, June 15-16, 2016 - MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions recently hosted an Automotive Technology Summit.  The two day event drew more than 600 delegates from major OEM’s and tier suppliers (comprising a total of 139 companies) from Greater China, Japan, Korea, India and SEA, who participated in a very open and constructive dialog related to Anti-Corrosion, Decorative, Plating on Plastics and Metallurgical Coatings.

Guests were welcomed by MacDermid Enthone Greater China General Manager, Mr. Bob Geissler. Speakers from MacDermid Enthone Regional and Global teams were joined by their counterparts from several OEMs, Tier 1 and industry partners to present on a wide range of subjects including Cyclic Corrosion Testing, Heat Treatment, Design of Components for Electroplating, Recovery of Metals from Waste Streams and MacDermid Enthone’s New Technology Road Map.

The first day ended with a panel forum comprised of OEM representatives who directly fielded questions mainly related to Automotive Supply Chain, Component and Vehicle Corrosion. MacDermid Enthone strives to bring innovative and sustainable processes to the market and continues to play an important role in automotive surface treatment and coatings industry globally, through dedicated teams supporting the OEM’s and Tier supply chain.

The event provided a vital platform to the automotive supply chain to discuss technology trends, industry roadmaps as well as being an outstanding networking opportunity.

Participant feedback was extremely positive. A report of the Summit will be published by PATAC and China SAE Corrosion Institute. Pictures from the event can be viewed on Flickr.

About MacDermid Performance Solutions
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