Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

PCB Fabrication Chemistry

Enthone environmentally friendly printed circuit board processes increase board capacity with substantially improved performance. Our ENVISION® direct metallization systems reduce water usage, energy consumption, and waste treatment, while enabling reliable processing of microvias and high aspect ratio multilayers. Furthermore, CUPROSTAR® copper electroplating systems provide reliable surface distribution, as well as the ability to fill blind microvias and plated through-holes simultaneously. Our comprehensive selection of chemistries is easily accessed on this page.

Enthone PCB final finishes are the world’s most applied and preferred and include a new generation organic metal® process that combines high reliability and cost-effectiveness of an OSP with the exceptional solderability of a metallic finish. Additionally, AlphaSTAR® immersion silver is specially engineered to eliminate planar microvoids and prevent creep corrosion. ORMECON® immersion tin processes are specially formulated to inhibit tin whiskering. Finally, the Enthone portfolio is led by the world’s most widely used and trusted ENTEK® organic solderability preservatives that feature robust operating windows and withstand multiple lead-free heat cycles.