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Bright Silver Electroplating Process

SILVREX® S is a cyanide electroplating process suitable for rack and barrel applications. It produces a mirror bright pure silver deposit at all thicknesses due to a non-metallic brightening system, that consists of three organic brighteners all analyzable by HPLC.

Deposits obtained with SILVREX processes can be protected with EVABRITE® WJ immersion process, in order to improve tarinsh resistance.

SILVREX S features:

  • Very uniform and bright deposit
  • Cyanide-free brightening system
  • All brighteners analyzable

Process Color Karat/Purity Alloy Metals Precious Metal Conc. Hardness mHV 20 Remarks
SILVREX S White 99.9% Pure 20-40 90-100 Additives can be Analsyed with HPLC