PALLADEX® Decorative Series


PALLADEX 8020 produces a bright, white, average 80% palladium and 20% nickel alloy deposits for a wide range of decorative applications.  The deposits obtained can be used as barrier layers or final coating, from low to high thicknesses.

The layer structure is ductile and crack-free, enabling to pass nickel release test specifications.

Watches PlatedPALLADEX® DPA

PALLADEX DPA is a pure palladium process that produces a very stable and uniform gun metal color deposit, with no tendency to either bluish or brownish reflexes.

As a color topcoat, it can plate up to 0.5 to 0.6 µm with relatively low palladium metal concentration in the electrolyte.

The electrolyte is suitable for either rack or barrel applications.  It is an alternative to “black ruthenium” processes, as the operating solution is substantially less aggressive on base materials.

Process Color Karat/Purity Alloy Metals Cathodic Efficiency [mg/Amin] Precious Metal Conc. Remarks
PALLADEX 8020 White 80% Pd Nickel 25-28 10 Excellent Corrosion Resitance
PALLADEX DPA Gun 99.9% Pd Pure 23-28 2

Up to 0.5µm Acidic