High Karat Gold Electroplating Processes

KARATCLAD® acidic, high karat gold electroplating processes produce gold alloys deposits with a karat range of 22 to 24K. The deposits obtained are fully bright up to 3 µm and offers a wide range of very stable gold colors, from pale yellow to rich yellow.

KARATCLAD gold processes are easy to maintain and control in rack and barrel operatons, and are ideally suited as a topcoat, either in duplex or single systems for jewelry, high fashion accessories and writing instrument applications.

Process Color Alloy Metals Hardness mHV 20 Deposit Density [g/cm3] Precious Metal Conc. [g/l] Remarks
KARATCLAD 1N14 Yellow 1N14 Nickel Indium 200-240 17.5 4 According NIHS Standard
KARATCLAD 2N18 Yellow 2N14 Nickel Indium 200-240 17.5 4 According NIHS Standard
KARATCLAD 3N Yellow 3N Nickel Colbalt 200-240 17.8 4 According NIHS Standard
KARATCLAD 264i5 Pale Yellow Nickel 350-400 17.0 4 ---
KARATCLAD 2001 Rich Yellow Cobalt 120-190 17.0 6 High Thickness
High Efficiency
KARATCLAD 2NF Close to 2/3N Iron 180-220 17.8 3 Two Possible Colors
Nickel Free
KARATCLAD 100 Pale Yellow Nickel 250-300 17.0 4 Exceptional Wear Properties
KARATCLAD OMEGA Yellow 3N Nickel 130-190 16.0 6 Excellent Metal Distribution
KARATCLAD WAPEN Yellow Nickel Iron 180-220 12.8-14.8 4 High Thickness