Cadmium-Free, Low-Karat Gold Processes

ECOLOY™ are mildly alkaline, cyanide gold electroplating processes that produce cadmium-free karat gold alloys from 14 to 18K.

ECOLOY range consists of two processes.

  • ECOLOY GC produces a gold copper alloy with a pink to red color.
  • ECOLOY GCS, which produces a gold copper silver alloy with a pinkish to yellow color (2N18 according NIHS standard).

Both deposits are hard, fully bright up to 20 µm, with a uniform color and exhibit excellent ductility, distribution and wear resistance.

ECOLOY processes comply with the RoHS and with the most stringent regulations about cadmium restriction in jewelry on European, Chinese and American markets; it is ideally suited for watch & jewelry applications.

Process Color Karat/
Alloy Metals Deposit Density [g/cm3] Precious Metal Conc. [g/l] Remarks
ECOLOY GCS Yellow/Pink 18-14Kt Copper Silver 13.8-16.3 5 Up to 20µm
ECOLOY GC Pink 18-14Kt Copper 12.8-14.8 6 Up to 20µm
Can be used as Final Finish