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ENTHONE® Decorative Cu-Ni-Cr Systems

ENTHONE® Decorative Copper-Nickel-Chrome Systems add extraordinary durability, elegance and style to even the most complex plastic and metal parts, making them distinctive, lustrous and highly functional.

Each system is engineered to meet the highest standards for corrosion and wear resistance. They are ideally suited for a wide range of automotive decorative trim applications, including wheels, grills, bumpers and door handles, as well as plumbing fixtures and fittings, hand tools, door and window hardware, and lighting fixtures.

Backed by Enthone’s applications expertise, each process delivers precise deposit thickness and reliable adhesion, while also meeting automotive thermal cycle and CASS requirements.

ENTHONE® Decorative Copper-Nickel-Chrome Systems
Acid Copper CUPROSTAR® Produces brilliant and ductile acid copper deposit with outstanding leveling
Bright Nickel ELPELYT® LS-1 Features improved brightness across a broad
current density range, delivering higher
reflectivity compared to conventional bright
nickel processes
ELPELYT GS-7 Specially engineered for plating on metal
substrates, the nickel reduces costly buffing and
polishing steps in the manufacturing process,
significantly decreases nickel metal
consumption and enables new product
Semi-Bright Nickel ELPELYT SB-45 Engineered to ensure that internal stress of
nickel deposit is reduced upon direct impact,
eliminating adhesion loss
Satin Nickel
Satin Nickel PEARLBRITE® Produces uniform, smooth satin finish, from
bright to full matte, over a broad current
density range
Microporous Nickel
Microporous Nickel
Provides unsurpassed corrosion protection while enabling consistent and reproducible deposits uniformly across the chromium surface
Bright, Hexavalent Chrome
Delivers crack-free chrome deposits and excellent covering power within a wide range of operating current densities
Dark, Trivalent Chrome
TRILYTE® Dusk Dark lustrous trivalent chrome provides more uniform metal distribution and reduces or eliminates high current density burning as compared to conventional hexavalent systems
  TRILYTE® CF Decorative white trivalent chrome for non-steel applications provides exceptional coverage and a bright, light color comparable to traditional hexavalent chrome layers
Bright, Trivalent Chrome
Flash CL
Environmentally-friendly, white trivalent chromium plating process that deposits a bright decorative chromium layer over bright or satin nickel deposits and is an excellent replacement to hexavalent chrome.

Each system includes environmentally friendly processes that decrease the use of toxic chemicals, reduce waste treatment, and are REACH and RoHS compliant.