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ZINCROLYTE® Zinc Alloy Processes

ZINCROLYTE® are easy-to-use zinc alloy processes for rack and barrel applications that are production-proven to provide high yields and low reject rates. The systems provide long bath life, excellent brightness and are simple to waste treat. Compared to competitive zinc processes, ZINCROLYTE Zinc Alloy Systems deliver enhanced alloy uniformity over the full current density range and exceptional corrosion resistance in NSS and Cyclic Corrosion testing.

ZINCROLYTE coatings are used on a wide variety of steel components for heavy equipment. Using ZINCROLYTE Zinc Alloy Systems in combination with a PERMA PASS® passivate and an optional ENSEAL® sealant gives manufacturers a production-proven coating system that provides superior plating properties and performance. Optimum process efficiency is achieved through use of Enthone’s enGage™ advanced quality systems total process monitoring software.

Process Type Alloy Nickel Layer %
ZINCROLYTE NCZ 315 Plus Alkaline ZnNi 10-16
Specially engineered for plating automotive parts that meet rigorous NSS requirements and elevated service temperatures.
Preferred system to plate brake parts and other cast iron components, as well as screws and tubes for post forming.
ZINCROLYTE NCZ 191 NS Alkaline ZnFe 0.2-1.0
Provides coatings with superior metal distribution for transparent and black passivation. Highest possible rack loads reduce plating cost to make the process most efficient.
ZINCROLYTE CLZ-Co Acid ZnCo 0.2-1.0
Produces electroplated deposits with up to three times the corrosion protection available from zinc deposits of equal thickness.