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Water Soluble and Chloride Soluble Acid Zinc Process

With today's rising metal costs, using a conventional zinc process is not an option. That's why we've introduced ENTHOBRITE® CLZ-970. It's a bright acid zinc process that consistently provides the high productivity of a water-soluble process, while maintaining superior distribution and deposit properties at any chloride level. This results in a substantial increase in productivity. And a dramatic decrease in zinc plating costs.

ENTHOBRITE CLZ-970 delivers:

  • Improved plate distribution and optimized metal efficiency
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Production flexibility
  • High cloud point; low brightener and carrier consumption
  • Specially formulated for continuous, high throughput operations
  • Lowest cost of ownership

The water and chloride soluble acid zinc process provides exceptional, uniform brightness over a wide range of current densities. Affording production flexibility, ENTHOBRITE CLZ-970 is ideally suited for continuous, high volume barrel and rack operations where uniformly bright deposits are required.

ENTHOBRITE CLZ-970 delivers improved plate distribution and quality of deposit. This results in enhanced zinc metal efficiency and a substantial cost savings.

ENTHOBRITE CLZ-970 is an easy-to-use acid zinc process. Due to the low organic content the electrolyte is easy to rinse away from the parts. Chromate and passivate receptivity is exceptional, resulting in improved corrosion resistance and appearance of the plated part.

ENTHOBRITE CLZ-970 possesses a robust operating window. Maintaining a high cloud above 93 °C (200 °F) that does not decline over time due to breakdown products, ENTHOBRITE CLZ-970 is one of the most robust zinc processes available today.

Consistency, reliability and control of the zinc process can be further optimized with enGage™ process monitoring software.