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CUPROSTAR® 1600 Acid Copper Processes

Eliminate Overleveling, Orange Peel and Flame Patterns

CUPROSTAR 1600 is ideally suited for complex part geometries, which are prone to overleveling.

CUPROSTAR® 1600 acid copper processes offer adjustable leveler capabilities that eliminate the potential for defects such as orange peel, flame patterns and overleveling. Brilliant and highly ductile copper layers with high leveling, consistent adhesion and exceptional throw are provided.

CUPROSTAR 1600 delivers uniform and bright deposits over the entire current density range. The process is highly tolerant to pores making it ideally suited for plating of plastic parts and bulk components with complex shapes.

Used as part of an ENTHONE® decorative copper-nickel-chrome system, CUPROSTAR 1600 provides high yields and low rejects rates on all commonly used base materials. CUPROSTAR 1600 brightener additives are very stable, resulting in consistent production performance with low consumption. The copper deposits can be used as an intermediate layer for use with nickel-chromium systems on plastics (e.g. ABS and PC/ABS), as well as on metal.

A new generation of copper electrolytes enables CUPROSTAR 1600 to bypass the dilemma of overleveling as is constantly witnessed with conventional acid coppers. The process has been installed at several well-known platers and has established a production-proven record of success.

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