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ANKOR® Hydraulics

Specially engineered for the hydraulics/fluid power market, ANKOR®Hydraulics hard chrome process delivers exceptional corrosion resistance, while offering a more sustainable alternative versus other high efficiency, etch-free hard chrome processes available today.

ANKOR Hydraulics is proven to increase productivity by up to 25%, due to its exceptional metal distribution. More thickness is achieved on the weakest spot of the hydraulic bar in less time, while reducing electricity and chemistry consumption. In addition to steel, ANKOR Hydraulics offers rapid deposition of hard chromium on stainless steel, induction hardened steel, chrome-on-chrome and nickel underlayers.

ANKOR Hydraulics includes a foamless, PFOS-free mist suppressant as an integral part of the hard chrome technology. The suppressant component eliminates air borne emission and contributes towards the smoothness, brightness, hardness and robustness of the process while enabling easy chrome-on-chrome adhesion and resistance to current interruptions. 

ANKOR Hydraulics
TOP: ANKOR Hydraulics incorporates a foamless mist suppressant that eliminates airborne emissions. BOTTOM: Competitive high efficiency, etch-free process creates foaming, equipment contamination and the risk of hydrogen explosion.

ANKOR Hydraulics minimizes drag-out, slows metal impurity build-up, reduces cooling demand, as well as delivers best-in-class current efficiency, low plating voltage, over-plate reduction, reduced equipment and anode maintenance.

ANKOR Hydraulics is designed for horizontal hoist and continuous lines, as well as manual vertical operation.

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