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Organic Metal®-Based Immersion Tin Processes

ORMECON® CSN Classic is a series of extremely stable immersion tin processes. Based on a patented Organic Metal® pre-dip, the tin processes are production-proven to reduce copper-tin diffusion speed by as much as 65% and catalyze the tin deposition. As a result, exceptional solderability and appearance, even after multiple lead-free assembly reflows, is achieved.

Specifically, each ORMECON CSN Classic process makes use of an organic nanometal® that is contained in the ORMECON OMP 7000 series pre-dip. The pre-dip catalyzes the tin deposition before the ORMECON CSN 7004 series immersion tin coating is applied. The resulting large tin grain structure significantly slows copper-tin intermetallic diffusion, thereby providing the industry’s longest shelf life. The organic metal pre-dip makes the PWB highly resistant to oxidation, copper diffusion and whisker formation by initiating a unique crystal structure.

Ideally suited for press fit technology, backplanes and fine pitch applications, ORMECON CSN Classic processes may be used with either MSA or sulfuric acid-based systems providing the most flexible plating systems on the market.

On September 3, 2008  Enthone announced the acquisition of Ormecon GmbH, headquartered in Ammersbek, Germany. The acquisition further strengthened Enthone’s market leading printed circuit board (PCB) surface finishes product portfolio, while bolstering the company’s plan to offer a platform of new coatings technologies for a wide range of electronics, functional and decorative metal applications.