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HELIOFAB® PV electroplating chemistries increase yield and efficiency, while lowering manufacturing costs.  Our turnkey integrated technology solutions include:

Direct Plate on Silicon

  • Eliminate silver paste
  • Significantly reduce manufacturing costs
  • Advanced material stack for direct plate on emitter
  • Enhances solderability and increased yield
  • Delivers narrow line widths

Plate on Paste

  • Better yield and efficiency with silver plating
  • Nickel/Copper/Tin enhances performance and reduces cost

Thin Film CIS & CIGS

  • Lowest per-watt ownership costs
  • Higher throughput with reduced equipment footprint
  • Wide construction options in deposition on multiple substrate materials
  • Uniform composition for maximum performance
  • Equipment-integrated solutions

Each technology is backed by applications expertise, global supply chain and process innovations teams that are further supported by Enthone PV Competency Centers in Germany, the United States and Taiwan.