Enthone PCB Solutions


Enthone printed circuit board processes reduce water and energy consumption, decrease waste treatment, and enable reliable processing of microvias and high aspect ratio multilayers.  The environmentally friendly processes increase board capacity with substantially improved performance.

ENVISION® direct metallization systems reduce water usage, energy consumption, and waste treatment, while enabling reliable processing of microvias and high aspect ratio multilayers.

CUPROSTAR® CVF processes are specially formulated for HDI any-layer build-up. Used as part of an EnFILL® system , the processes are specially formulated to address demanding PCB manufacturing requirements to deposit copper on smaller, more complex boards with higher layer counts. Super Fill and Partial Fill process options deliver high productivity and reliability, while offering ease of operation and bath maintenance.



Our robust portfolio of lead-free PCB final finishes meet OEM requirements by increasing yields, improving quality, and reducing rejects to achieve high reliability in assembly.

The portfolio is led by the world’s most widely used and trusted ENTEK® PLUS organic solderability preservatives that feature robust operating windows and withstand multiple lead-free heat cycles.

AlphaSTAR® immersion silver is specially engineered to eliminate planar microvoids and prevent creep corrosion.

ORMECON® immersion tin processes are specially formulated to inhibit tin whiskering.