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ENVISION® MLB Desmear Process

ENVISION® MLB Desmear Process cleans and conditions small through-holes (75µm or less) by utilizing enhanced through-hole wetting capability for uniform and consistent smear removal. The desmear process is specially formulated for use with ENVISION Direct Metallization Systems.

ENVISION MLB Desmear Process Creates Value

  • ENVISION MLB Sensitizers are carefully engineered to thoroughly remove drilling debris, promote aggressive attack by the oxidizer and prepare the dielectric to exhibit a clean, microroughened surface after treatment. These sensitizers perform especially well in small holes and all dielectrics, including polymide, normal and high Tg laminates.
  • ENVISION MLB Oxidizers are formulated with superior wettability for improved small hole solution exchange. The oxidizers provide a controlled removal of dielectric materials that have been treated with the sensitizer. 
  • ENVISION MLB Neutralizers efficiently remove all manganese compound residues on the board surfaces and hole walls. This results in ultra-clean, microroughened dielectric surfaces.