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ENVISION® Direct Metallization Systems

Meeting the volume demand for PCBs and providing a greener world are no longer incompatible goals. ENVISION® Direct Metallization Systems deliver more board capacity with substantially improved performance. The polymer-based systems are unlike any other direct metallization process on the market today. You no longer need to choose between performance and increased capacity. You only need to choose ENVISION Direct Metallization Systems.

ENVISION Direct Metallization Systems Create Value

  • Lowest cost of ownership vs. electroless copper and other direct metallization alternatives
  • Meets or exceeds performance and reliability standards
  • Delivers reliable processing of microvias and high aspect ratio multilayers in a single-pass
  • Short, three-step process increases productivity
  • Low viscosity ensures thorough wetting of blind microvias
  • Eliminates interconnect defects
  • Reduces water, energy, and waste treatment costs
  • Horizontal and vertical equipment compatibility 
  • Eliminates the use of heavy metal and chelating agents. Most environmentally-sound and cost-effective electroless copper PCB hole conductivity solution

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