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Immersion Silver

AlphaSTAR® immersion silver is the first and best tarnish-resistant immersion silver process that eliminates planar microvoids, while preventing creep and flaking corrosion. AlphaSTAR immersion silver meets the most complex lead-free assembly, end use performance and application requirements as mandated by the world's leading OEMs, PCB assemblers and fabricators. AlphaSTAR selectively deposits a high performance silver
coating that delivers high first-pass yields. 

AlphaSTAR Creates Value

  • Eliminate Planar Microvoids: the first and only immersion silver process to easily pass acceptance criteria for planar microvoids as established by leading OEMs.
  • Exceptional Aesthetics: superior tarnish resistance with the industry’s widest operating window
  • Unmatched Lead-free Solderability
  • Highly Stable, Easy to Operate: fully analyzable process enhances ease of control and maintenance.
  • Produce a consistent, reproducible coating at the lowest cost of ownership versus traditional metallic processes
  • Prevent Creep Corrosion: the industry’s first and best solution
  • Prevent Flaking Corrosion

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