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AlphaPREP® Oxide Replacement Systems

AlphaPREP® peroxide-sulfuric oxide replacement systems have been specially formulated for low etch/high capacity operations. The systems produce a highly bondable brown conversion coating on copper innerlayers using horizontal equipment by removing only minimal amounts of copper. The conversion coating produced has high acid resistance that eradicates pink ring without the need for an expensive DMAB reducer. In addition, AlphaPREP Oxide Replacement Systems yield exceptional peel strengths and T260 performance with advanced high Tg dielectrics.

Oxide Alternative AlphaPREPAlphaPREP Oxide Replacement Systems deliver superior performance at the lowest cost of ownership.

  • AlphaPREP may be used in existing lines with both speed and performance advantages thus eliminating the need to purchase costly new equipment.
  • With high capacity and exceptional stability, AlphaPREP Systems deliver exceptional performance at high copper loadings.
  • Users of AlphaPREP Systems witness a substantial reduction in energy and water usage, as well as simplified wastewater treatment.
  • Compared with existing processes, AlphaPREP Systems deliver a shorter cycle-time thereby increasing productivity, particularly in automatic equipment.