PCB Final Finishes

PCB Final Finishes

Increase Yields. Improve Quality. Reduce Rework and Rejects.
Enthone provides the world’s most applied and preferred PCB final finishes. Offering the widest selection and deepest knowledge of lead-free compatible finishes, we work with leading OEMs, EMSs and PCB fabricators to match the right final finish to meet specific end-use requirements.

We remain committed to continually advancing the technology by developing enabling solutions to eliminate planar microvoids, inhibit galvanic etch, suppress creeping corrosion, prevent whiskering, as well as the ability to withstand multiple heat cycles to achieve high reliability in assembly.



Immersion Silver AlphaSTAR® immersion silver is the first and best tarnish-free immersion silver process that eliminates planar microvoids while preventing creep and flaking corrosion. 
Immersion Tin ORMECON® CSN Classic is a series of extremely stable immersion tin processes based on a patented Organic Metal® pre-dip.
OSP ENTEK PLUS HT organic solderability preservative (OSP) is the industry’s most widely used and trusted OSP on the market today.