Tin & Tin-Lead Plating

Tin and Tin-Lead Plating Chemistry for Connectors

Enthone pure tin and tin-lead processes are engineered for both rack and barrel plating systems. The whisker-resistant, extremely versatile processes provide very bright, consistent deposits over a wide current density range.



Description: STANNOSTAR® HMB is a fluoborate-free, low foaming tin-lead plating process. Formaldehyde-free, it is specially formulated for rack and barrel plating to produce bright tin-lead deposits.


Description: STANNOSTAR® HMM-1000 is an MSA-based, fluoborate-free, pure tin plating process designed for deposition of reflowable, pure tin in medium and high speed equipment. The process produces matte to semi-bright pure tin deposits without oiling out of the organic compounds.

STANNOSTAR® Pure Tin Processes

Description: STANNOSTAR® Pure Tin Processes are specially designed for rack and barrel plating systems. The extremely versatile and robust processes rates are exceptionally well suited for plating parts with complex geometries, including electronic housings and connectors.