Enthone Electronics Solutions

Value. Environment. Reliability.

Enthone Electronics Solutions provide value, reliability, and high functionality to a diversity of everyday electronics. Specifically, our environmentally friendly printed circuit board processes reduce water and energy consumption, decrease waste treatment, and enable reliable processing of microvias and high aspect ratio multilayers.  Furthermore, our robust portfolio of lead-free PCB final finishes meet OEM requirements by increasing yields, improving quality, and reducing rejects to achieve high reliability in assembly.

Enthone connectors and leadframes processes meet the growing demand for finer feature dimensions and smaller package sizes with higher performance. Each process reduces metal consumption and equipment maintenance.

Enthone copper damascene semiconductor wafer fabrication processes allow for the manufacture of shrinking device geometries and enable greater memory and logic device reliability. In addition, our wafer level packaging technologies address emerging 3-D integrated circuit designs. Enthone PV electroplating chemistry for solar cell manufacture deliver turnkey solutions to deliver the lowest cost per watt.