Bright Nickel Process

ELPELYT® GS-7 bright nickel process is a breakthrough in nickel technology. Specially engineered for plating on metal substrates, ELPELYT GS-7 reduces costly buffing and polishing steps in the manufacturing process, significantly decreases nickel metal consumption, and enables new product design.

ELPELYT GS-7 reliably deposits nickel thickness in extremely low current density (LCD) areas. The immediate improvement in throwing power versus traditional bright nickel processes results in reduced nickel metal consumption, new design enablement, and increased performance. ELPELYT GS-7 superior throw offers OEMs the opportunity to evaluate and use alternative metallic base materials, as well as meet new, product designs requirements.

ELPELYT GS-7 delivers the industry's highest leveling versus traditional bright nickel processes. The exceptional leveling reduces the number of buffing and polishing steps, thereby substantially decreasing costs and increasing performance. The need to over plate is eliminated. Visit BrightNickel.org for further information.