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Alkaline, Cyanide-free Bright Copper Process

CUPROSTAR® NC alkaline, cyanide-free bright copper process is a cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to traditional cyanide-containing processes. The bright copper is engineered for use on all commonly used base materials, including zinc die cast. The process exhibits exceptional throwing power on complex part geometries ensuring that complete, consistent and uniform coverage is achieved.

Specifically, the CUPROSTAR NC process provides high yields and significantly reduced rejects when plated on aluminum, brass, steel and zinc die cast parts. The production-proven process is completely cyanide-free, reducing regulatory burdens and exposure to government restrictions.

CUPROSTAR NC process offers a robust operating window that plates uniform, fine-grained, ductile and adherent deposits. The patented process does not require a specialized pretreatment cycle and uses virtually the same process sequence as a cyanide-based system. CUPROSTAR NC is an extremely versatile and easy-to use process. By making simple adjustments to the temperature, pH and copper content, the CUPROSTAR NC process can be quickly modified to meet specific brightness, current density, adhesion and throwing power application requirements.

CUPROSTAR NC is the only cyanide-free process that is being successfully used in a wide range of industries, markets and applications.