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Perma SHIELD Automotive Systems

PermaSHIELD Automotive Systems
Perma SHIELD Automotive Systems meet demanding OEM corrosion protection requirements while delivering reliability, versatility and exceptional performance for parts used in:

  • Powertrains:  engine components, fuel system, transmission, drive shaft
  • Chassis:  brake-system, shocks & struts, steering
  • Fasteners:  rivets, couplings, pins, clamps, nuts & bolts

Perma SHIELD Automotive Systems feature an ENTHOBRITE®  zinc or ZINCROLYTE® zinc alloy process which is followed by a PERMA PASS® passivate and an optional ENSEAL® sealant.  Optimum process efficiency is achieved through use of Enthone’s enGage™ advanced quality systems total process monitoring software.

The final coating creates value throughout the entire supply chain by decreasing metal and chemical consumption, increasing productivity and reducing process steps.  The exclusive Enthone ELV compliant systems optimize quality, increase durability and extend life, while meeting stringent OEM industry standards.

Perma SHIELD™ System* Enthone Zinc or Zinc Alloy Deposit
Perma SHIELD 500 ZINCROLYTE zinc-iron or zinc-cobalt, or ENTHOBRITE zinc
Perma SHIELD 1000 ZINCROLYTE zinc-nickel alloy
Testing: ISO-9227

* System name reflects minimum hours resistance to red rust

Perma SHIELD™ System Components

ENTHOBRITE Acid or alkaline zinc plating provides the proper zinc plating deposit crystal structure to optimize passivate receptivity and resulting corrosion performance.  Used for 250 and 500 systems.
ZINCROLYTE Acid or alkaline zinc-iron and zinc-cobalt alloy plating provides the proper zinc alloy plating distribution to optimize passivate receptivity and resulting corrosion performance on a wide variety of complex geometries and substrates.  Used for 500 and 1000 systems.
PERMA PASS Trivalent passivation provides the desired level of protection to white corrosion and desired finish color.  High performance, cobalt-free systems are available to meet new global regulatory requirements.  Used for all systems.
ENSEAL Sealant provides the desired controlled friction value, surface hardness, or resistance to dissimilar metal galvanic corrosion.  Used for all systems.