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Automotive OEM Approvals

The PEARLBRITE® satin nickel processes drive versatility, style and performance. As listed below, PEARLBRITE is specified and trusted by the world's leading automotive OEMs  to provide visual appeal, exceptional wear resistance and durability to interior and exterior components. To download our OEM approval list, click here.

Name of Finish
 Audi  3Q7 "Standard Alu '01"  K6 AL and K5
 BJ2 "Alu medium '06"  K6 AL and K4
 1L1 "Alu matt '99"  K6
 Bentley  1 KX  K6 AL and K5
 BMW / Rolls Royce
 Chrom seidenmatt  K6
 Perlglanz Chrom  K6 AL
 Polished Metal Finish  K6 AL
 Pearlgrey mod  K6 AL
 Chrysler  401  K6
 402  K6
 Liquid Chrome
 K6 AL
 Ford  SM 322  K6
 SM 322B


 SM 5077
 K6 AL
 Optimum Al  K6 AL
 GM  ZA 100
 ZA 101
 ZA 110
 ZA 120
 Honda  Matte  K6
 ("Rainbow color"; "Platinum")  K6
 Hyundai  Consult Enthone
 K6 AL
 Mercedes  Avus Silber  K6
 Silver Shadow  K6 AL and K5
 Matt III (7J22)  K6 AL
 Opel  F-93K Mattchrom  K6 AL
 F 63 P Matt Chrome Silky Gloss  K6 AL and K5
 F 90 R Galvano Silver  K6 AL
 Peugeot  HVVM018  Various (K4 and PEARLBRITE S)
 MV 08  K6
 Porsche  Galvanosilber N 6  Consult Enthone
 Galvanosilber N 9  K6 AL
 Toyota  11Cr19  K6
 Volvo  Silk Metal
 VW  Alu 9X9  K6 AL
 VW 3Q7  K6 AL
 VW 44U Alu gebürstet  K6