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ENfinity® Electroless Nickel Processes

Long Life, High Performance Electroless Nickel Processes

ENfinity® Electroless Nickel Processes deliver consistent performance, improved appearance and superb wear and corrosion performance. These processes offer excellent stability for increased productivity over conventional electroless nickel processes.

  • Extended life, lead-free and cadmium-free processes
  • Compressively stressed deposits, even for mid and low phos deposits
  • Excellent process stability
  • Less downtime for process make-up and disposal
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Low phos, mid phos and high phos processes
  • Advanced SteadyState continuous process operation available

ENfinity Electroless Nickel processes are ideally suited for components that come in contact with ethanol-containing fuel, such as powertrain applications or turbine wheels. The processes are engineered for aluminum, as well as steel substrates. In addition, they deliver exceptional corrosion and wear resistance for rack and barrel components, as well as complex part geometries.

ENfinity Electroless Nickel Processes ensure exceptional operating flexibility, consistent plating rates and increased throughput efficiency, resulting in less downtime and the lowest cost of ownership.