ANKOR® Hard Chrome Processes

ANKOR® hard chrome processes deliver high efficiency, exceptional adhesion, and uniform coverage on a variety of metal substrates. The versatile, high performance hard chrome solutions enable consistent and reliable performance at the lowest cost of ownership.

The patented, etch-free processes are used in a wide range of automotive applications. Ultra high-speed hard chrome processes specifically engineered for “closed” plating systems are ideally suited to provide wear and corrosion resistance on a variety of automotive parts.

ANKOR hard chrome processes in conventional hoist or return type equipment provide exceptional metal distribution results, increasing productivity while minimizing material and energy consumption. The hard chrome processes improve yields, as they are resistant to current interruptions witnessed with return type equipment. Leading OEMs worldwide use ANKOR for shock absorber rods, engine valves, piston rings and fuel injection devices.

Because ANKOR hard chrome processes are etch-free, attack on the base metal is virtually eliminated. The increased efficiency and high speed of the processes result in reduced energy costs and increased capacity.

ANKOR hard chrome processes provide optimized brightness and a more uniform metal distribution compared to other hard chromium processes. The processes are designed to simplify plating on critical substrates such as stainless steel, cast iron, high tensile steel, electroless nickel and chrome-on-chrome.

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