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  • Chemistry Collaboration Is a Critical Component to Supporting Semiconductor WLP Mobility, Market and Applications Demands

    Posted 10/12/2015 by by Eric Gongora, Global Director, Enthone Semiconductor Product Marketing

    Semiconductor wafer level packaging (WLP) continues to grow. Increased demand for mobility with more memory, emerging markets (LoT, Sensors, wearables), as well as the continued expansion of WLP use in automotive, LED and other applications require products to be smaller, perform better, cost less and last longer. This growth is driven by shrinking wafer nodes, smaller footprints, increased electrical and thermal performance requirements.

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  • Alternative Surface Finishes for MID – Getting Away From Gold

    Posted 06/22/2015 by Rick Stuhler, Enthone Global Product Line Manager – Molded Interconnect Devices and Connectors

    MID technology has become a prominent force in the mobile technology industry, with examples found in tablets, laptops, and a great number of smartphones.A significant part of the production cost of a MID antenna is related to the metallization process, and in applications that require soldering this can entail the use of an immersion gold finish on top of the standard electroless copper and nickel.

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  • Bridging the OSP - Metallic Finish Gap

    Posted 12/08/2014 by Chris Klok, European Market Manager OEM & PCB Finishes and Michael Coll, Global Product Line Manager

    Tradeoffs between cost and performance are a never- ending balance in all aspects of the electronics printed circuit supply chain. The last process step, amounting to what could be a mere fraction of one percent of the overall PCB cost.

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  • Enthone Shanghai Creates Customer Value

    Posted 12/08/2014 by Bob Haskins, Senior Vice President and Regional Managing Director - Enthone Asia

    The Enthone Shanghai Technical and Manufacturing Center opened earlier this year and created immediate and significant value for our printed circuit board customers by enhancing product quality and performance, accelerating technology innovation and further strengthening our technical applications capabilities.

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  • Copper Via Fill Systems Reduce Cycle Time By Up To 40 Percent

    Posted 09/30/2014 by Steven Tam

    The Copper Via Fill (CVF) application used in printed circuit board acid copper plating has grown significantly due to the high market demand for smartphones and tablets.

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