Talent Management

Enthone believes in the importance of investing in and developing its most valued asset…its employees. We utilize a variety of programs tailored to help employees enhance their performance, set and achieve objectives and develop leadership skills. In addition, we recognize and reward their achievements.

Our programs are based on the following values:
  • Customer and Marketplace-oriented Innovation 
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Enthusiasm and Passion
  • Results-oriented
  • People-oriented
  • Flexibility, Responsiveness, and Agility
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      Performance Excellence is our global process by which employee goals and objectives are established and performance is evaluated by the manager. This incorporates new measurements for performance the employee may not have been measured on before. The expected outcome is enhanced personal development so the company can experience growth.


      Management by Objectives (MBOs) is our program in which measurable objectives are set in a process that aligns Enthone’s goals with an individual employee’s activity. It provides clear direction on expectations and specific actions required; breaks long term goals into actionable steps; and, drives individual behaviors toward common goals. It is a flexible program that can be used throughout the organization.


      Celebrating Achievements is our uniform Employee Recognition Program designed to recognize our high performers. It celebrates the achievements of those employees who go above and beyond their normal job responsibilities to benefit the organization. The program objectives are to: 

      • Recognize employee contributions and commitment to Enthone 
      • Support the company’s vision and values
      • Support a high performance culture resulting in: increased employee morale, increased employee retention and increased productivity 

      Award categories include: Operational Excellence, Leadership, Customer Focus, Innovation, Safety and Social Responsibility.


      The EDGE program (Employee Development Generates Excellence) offers participants the ideal opportunity to learn or enhance a variety of skills sets for professional and personal enrichment.

      All EDGE courses are designed to be flexible to meet regional needs, while ensuring employees complete them with the motivation to consider a positive change in the way they approach an activity at work or home. The courses are continually reviewed to make certain the most recent and relevant topics and best practices are offered that will help to introduce and strengthen the desired values and culture of our company.

      Programs offerings include: Coaching, Communication Skills, Time Management, Team Building, Financial Awareness and People Management.


      The Leadership Program (LP) is specifically designed to develop, enhance and reinforce the leadership skills of our Company's managers. The intensive three-day program integrates in-class lecture, workshop discussion and case study preparation. The core modules include:

      • The Process of Change
      • Situational Leadership
      • Leading Change
      • Decision Making and Problem Solving
      • Working with Different Styles
      • Conflict and Resistance
      • Teamwork
      • Motivational Leadership


      The Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) is a higher level leadership program based on the success of the LP program. Its goal is to further develop the leadership skills of mid- to upper-level management based on the Company's vision and values, while building on the framework of the initial LP program. The targeted attendees are those employees who have completed the current LP course. The ALP program consists of three core modules: LP Refresher, Value Creation, and Innovation. The interactive design of the course includes a group case study as well as a Senior Business Leader presentation in order to provide participants with realistic applications of the tools taught.