Optimizing Hard Chrome Plating: Knowledge is Power!

Optimizing Hard Chrome Plating: Knowledge is Power!

Posted 09/23/2015 by Dirk Wiethölter, Industry Manager Heavy Equipment, Hydraulics, Shock Absorber- Europe

I recently had the pleasure and privilege to conduct an Enthone Plating Academy on hard chrome technologies for one of the world's leading Tier 1 suppliers to the automotive industry. The key objective of the two-day training session was to provide product and market application knowledge that would enable our customer to best support the current and emerging design requirements of their OEM customers, including compliance with recent and upcoming environmental regulations. The training focused on hard chrome plating of automotive components that require optimum wear and corrosion resistance.

In partnership with my colleague, Helmut Horsthemke, Global Product Manager - Enthone Wear Resistant Coatings, the two-day academy was provided to our customer's R&D and engineering staffs. Topics included: 

  • Hard chrome plating basics, including coating characteristics and plating mechanisms
  • Impact of electricity on the productivity of the hard process
  • Understanding of in-field hard chrome requirements
  • Best practices to increase plating efficiency and enhance plated part quality to optimize erosion, wear and corrosion performance.
  • Global impact of pending European REACH regulations
On this last point, Enthone continues to actively participate in the REACH authorization process and is an active member of the Chromium Trioxide Authorization Consortium (CTAC) sub consortium for joint application authorization. Approval of the application will enable Enthone to continue the production of ready-to-use, premixed hard chrome process chemicals for make-up and replenishment. In addition to CTAC participation, Enthone industry initiatives to ensure the availability of our products beyond the 2017 sunset date for all authorized uses include providing analysis of alternatives (AOA) and socio economic analysis (SEA) data, as well as offering advanced process technology with substantially reduced Cr(VI) exposure scenarios.

Our involvement in all these activities was well received by all in attendance. A future Enthone Plating Academy session is being planned to further enhance the product and market application training obtained at this training sessions, as well as to obtain further updates on the REACH authorization process. Knowledge is Power!

To learn more about the Enthone Plating Academy, Hard Chrome and REACH, I encourage you to post your comment below or email trustenthone@enthone.com


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